Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Built: New work Table

This evening, Matt and I built a second large work table for the studio. Now we'll have "his" & "hers". In the picture above, we've built the base, and we're hoisting the top off the trailer and in to the shop.

As I packed up the small tools and junk that's been collecting in my "tray" (on my old table) and put them in a box, I had the thought that it kind of felt like moving into a new office. I took a picture of the contents in the box, and posted it on facebook.... 

 "Karine Maynard had to remove items from her OLD work table (tray) and move them to her NEW table. (She says it kind of feels like moving into a new office). To celebrate, the first person who can name 10 items in this box * WINS * a candle holder from Maynard Studios-Design! (& we'll cover shipping)."

An old friend, Beth (from Minnesota) won by naming 10 items first.  Made me proud that the first to list, and the winner of the candle holder was another hardworking Mom!

You can see the guesses on our studio's facebook page: Maynard Studios on facebook

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