Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Okay ya'll. Here goes. The "skinny" on this year's Open Studio :


Saturday, November 2nd 
from 11 am to 5 pm

Our blacksmith's shop will be having demonstrations (watch Matt hammer stuff!) and a select few visitors will try to lift a GIGANTIC new anvil I just bought. (((I'll be posting pics on facebook and sending them home via email to those lucky guests, who can lift it!)))

Chad Balster (the talented & renowned glassblower, just back from Russia) will be INSIDE our new building with us, blowing glass from his new, improved, portable glass blowing furnace!
For a nominal fee you can blow glass with Chad & pick up your cooled glass art the following day.

Of course we'll have some of our smaller wares for sale- But this is an Open House for YOU. Ask questions! See how we work. Poke around our shop and see "how we do" what we do. Bring your kids! Test our furniture. Watch molten glass move like caramel. It'll be a fun, and interesting. Things for all ages.

 It's a race (for us as artists) to see which of us can finish WHAT first... our shop painted or Chad's new furnace re-built! But with your good wishes, I'm sure we'll all pull through. I'm DETERMINED to have the whole new shop painted just in time for you to visit... new white trim around the windows & all ! Just one month to GO!
I think I can... I think I can...

LOTS has changed since last year! Now totally INDOORS (instead of 1/2 in/ 1/2 out) in a weather-resistant shop (if you remember last year , it wasn't even framed in yet) & our new bathroom is also handicap accessible (no bathroom at all last year). There's a new gravel driveway, but once you're inside it's double-plus good! This is the only day during the year we are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so it's your only chance! And we have a lot to celebrate!

There will be refreshments, too, for all you friends who want a snack. It might just be a great day for those of you who want to sit back and have a relaxing day in the country & not worry about fast food OR fast driving for a day... because we artists on "The Art Trail" (there are FIVE artists all with Open Studios the same day this year!) have a pitched in together and rented "Tha' Bus Shizzle" from Shelbyville, to tour you around from stop to stop.

FREE TOURS! Free Rides. Free snacks & bathrooms & photo opportunities and lots of great artwork to check out. Park your car near Maynard Studios and get back to it by the end of the day. Here's a map that includes all 5 locations:                                                                                       (502)604.3000

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