Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bluegrass & Backroads

We just had a film interview this morning at Maynard Studios, with Kentucky Farm Bureau's "Bluegrass & Backroads". Matt and Bob of KFB made it pretty much "pain free"! I'd say other than a few LED lights in our eyes, it was a much nicer experience than we had feared.  I'm used to being on the ~other end~ of the camera, so I guess I forget the camera's bound to come in and turn around.

I'll keep you posted about when the segment airs this Fall, expecting it to be edited & ready by Sept/October and it should playing locally on KET. (Don't worry - I'll find you a web link, Mom!) It was just an average day at Maynard Studios and a little bit about what we do.

 It also should air just in time to announce our annual Open Studio, the first Saturday of November. Did I remember to tell them to announce that? ;)

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