Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ironwork Today 4

We're proud to announce we've been featured again in the latest Ironwork Today!
Amazon editors have listed it as one of their "Favorite Books of the Year".

"Ironwork Today Vol. 4 includes hundreds of detailed color photos that provide a sweeping overview of the wide range of iron artwork being created by 89 of today's artist-blacksmiths," ~Schiffer Publishing

We did it again!
Although our work did not make the cover on this edition (as it did in Ironwork Today Vol. 3), we were still honored to be chosen. We were asked to provide professional images of work and get it all in the mail by July 1st 2013, so everything you see was made before that. The requirements were that it had to be work that had not previously been published before, and images should demonstrate the variety of work that we do. Many of the images I chose to provide were from railings Matt and I made in the "old shop" before we expanded, so they seem like a celebration of the end of our first decade together.

Of course we were honored to be chosen. It is like a juried show in a permanent, published form to a global audience. Quite the honor!

So I've shown you the cover, let's go inside:
Our oldest son Jakob helped install the first railing image in 2012, and as we first opened the book, we had a good chuckle with Jake about the long installation and how I ran out to find dinner as restaurants were closing, so we could finish and get home, instead of travelling back the next day. (((Elizabethtown, Kentucky, by the way, has some excellent Pad Thai.)))

 On the next page the publisher chose some of our work where we attempted to blend Nouveau and Classical elements in a way that we had never done before. Both fun and creative jobs!
 And on the third and final page featuring our work, were images of railings where we incorporated wood into the design. At the top of the page, is a railing that had Wormy Chestnut on both the newel posts as well as on the top and bottom of the rails as a way to "frame" the metalwork. On the image beneath, one of the design criteria was that everything had to retro-fit into the existing newels and mahogany handgrip that were original to the historic home.

Time for me to order & donate a few copies to my alma mater's! If your home is featured by the way, I'll be calling you soon to "gift" you a copy over the upcoming holidays.

Final word, I'll leave for the publisher.

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"Hundreds of detailed color photos provide a sweeping overview of the wide range of iron artwork being created by over 90 of today s artist-blacksmiths. These fascinating works of art in metal are found in homes, offices, and public spaces alike. They vary in size from small, everyday objects to impressive public monuments. The pieces, discussed by the artists who made them, include sculpture, gates, railings, furniture, andirons, lighting fixtures, doors, door knockers, and much more. This book, the fourth in an ongoing series, has artwork arranged by the artist alphabetically, rather than in categories. This allows readers to see the full scope of each artist s work on adjoining pages. Here readers will find some artists whose work they have appreciated in other books in this series; others they are discovering for the first time. This book will be a valued reference guide and inspiration source for homeowners, designers, artists, and blacksmiths as a fascinating snapshot of the current trends in this vibrant, growing, changing field of artistic endeavor."

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