Friday, June 5, 2015

Small Batch Furniture™ 2015


The new, yet rustic & elegant furniture that we create here at Maynard Studios is made from reclaimed bourbon barrels and hand-forged steel. We are an Artist run and owned operation that heat and hammer every component in our works.  This kind of texture can't be made in any other way!

The primary focus of our Blacksmith's shop is custom ironwork and hand made railings. You can see some of our large commissions on our website In the past few years, we've won numerous awards. Quite frequently we'll travel great distances to install our larger projects, but all of the daily work (& hammering!) is done here in our 5,000 square foot art studio, in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. 

Nestled close to several bourbon distilleries, it only made sense that we find a way to re-purpose empty bourbon barrels into fine works of art. We are quite pleased that, due to their popularity, our Small Batch Furniture Line now includes 3 unique pieces. Each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is numbered and stamped with our  'Small Batch Furniture" logo. The number you'll see in the steel  is also printed on your certificate.  Each one is documented in our archive and is recorded as a work of art, an authentic piece made by Maynard Studios!

I have heard, that you don’t sit “down” on a bar stool, you sit “up”. Something about that position makes people more talkative and encourages conversation. Whether it’s for your rec room, kitchen or a relaxed dining area, our bar stools add a lot of energy and definitely start a conversation. Our top seller since we started them in 2012 is the Bourbon Barrel Bar Stool. 

Bourbon Bar Stool

These one-of-a-kind Small Batch Furniture Stools are hand made with a focus on quality over quantity The steel is forged and hammered on an anvil while red hot and the wood is from a genuine reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon barrel. Did you know there is an average of only 33 staves in a barrel? Well, that's our math, based on experience braking down the last three years worth breaking them down to reuse! The staves come in all different widths, as prepared by the original cooperage. After dismantling the used barrels, we dry and then sort the staves. We save a wider stave for the backrest of your stool, and save the smallest staves for your feet to rest on. The others go in the middle. When sorting all these staves I have to say, some days our studio smells kinda fantastic!

All of our furniture has hard a plastic glide attached to protect your floors and keep them scuff-free. The stools are also available in custom heights.

Bourbon Stool in (custom Counter height) and Bourbon Bar Stool
The two most common custom stool heights we make are for tables and counters. Send us an order with your counter or table top measurements, and one should arrive on your doorstep in 6-8 weeks! The most common seller, the bar stool, sits perfect with this Bourbon Bar Table, pictured below. 

The legs of the Bar Table are also made from barrel staves, only reclaimed after they've spent many long Kentucky Summers aging Bourbon in a local distillery rickhouse. We've also taken the opportunity to create two purse hooks (or 'cap hook' as my husband calls them) so you don't have to set anything on the floor... but that's because we're blacksmiths... we can make hooks!. We use a brand new barrel head for the top so that there's no risk of warping or cracks, they're perfectly smooth and ready for drinks!

Bourbon Bar Table
The Bar Stools and the Bar Table can be purchased as sets for small bars inside private residences, intimate tasting rooms and private event spaces. Many of the galleries that represent us offer a discount when someone inquires about purchasing a set of three or more pieces. Be sure to inquire with them directly! Each piece ships via UPS in a custom box for $100 anywhere nationwide, and usually takes only two days for delivery. 

Bourbon Bar Table & (2) Bourbon Bar Stools
This year we added a new addition to our hand made, Small Batch Furniture line, and the stools now have a little sister which we're calling the 'Kentucky Campaign Chair'. This chair folds up and stands on its own for easy storage, and gets attention when set out in the room. It still includes the hand forged steel and reclaimed Bourbon barrel staves for buyers looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture. 

All of our furniture is made in small batches, one at a time and carefully examined. We're proud of our work and hope that you will be, too! Every piece is a unique art object. Our hands guarantee it. 

Small Batch Furniture
made here at Maynard Studios, in Lawrenceburg, KY