Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stay at Home Welder, part II

 I stumbled across this gorgeous little 9100 FX Air on the internet. I've been having seasonal allergy drainage yuckiness. My husband looks at me every time I cough, and when I cough, I think (((to myself, I'd never tell Matt this))) “That's it! This time I have Emphysema for sure! Oh's Walking Pneumonia, or Amazon Croup!” and he says “Are you going, yet, to the doctor?”. So I'm searching the internet.

What exactly does a girl (& her husband) need, who need to weld, breathe clean air but also spend a LOT of time grinding and dressing welds, too. It might just be a cold.... but if you work in an environment where you are susceptible to lots of dust & grime, & you're already coughing, you can't help but think of these things.

Those particulate masks you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot (or Menard's & Fleet Farm if you're from Wisconsin) that we wear are hot, sweaty and won't fit under a welding helmet. The doctors slip-on or tie-on paper masks are silly and not helping to stop fine particulates. And maybe you're thinking like the guy behind me at the local Welding Supply shop this morning, "Where do you work that you need such a helmet?". I answered, "at home". And my BLOG TITLE was born! My local welding supply Rep behind the counter, replied to the guy & said, "She's a Stay at Home Welder."

Here's a picture of me in the Studio.

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