Saturday, February 4, 2012

Forging Ahead

So Matthew and I had our first "review" in a national magazine. The product review is cute and it's short. There wasn't even an official interview or anything, they just took information off the net & what was available! I think they did a pretty good job, considering... and my blog title got a mention. 
(AND  I should mention that I love, love, love Style 1900 Magazine. Thank you, Style 1900!)
If you can't read the little writing (underneath the photo of our Candelabra) I've typed and pasted it below:
Style 1900 : Forging ahead with Maynard Studios
Maynard Studios' forged-steel stair rails, furniture, fireplace screens and wine racks have the fluid fervor of a bumblebee in flight. Husband-and-wife blacksmiths Karine and Matthew Maynard cast a keen eye toward the interplay of solid substances and open space- most magically, perhaps, in their sinuous, sensual Art Nouveau candelabras. "I lean toward drippy, whipping lines," says Matthew, a self-taught artisan who's been interested in Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts and Crafts since he  was a kid. Karine, a "stay-at-home welder," has been attracted to such pursuits since childhood. "I preferred mud puddles to Barbie dolls, and found mischief with dirt under my fingernails," she recalls. Maynard Studios, 1986 Fox Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, (502) 859-3170 or
* * *

And since the title of my blog and this review mention: I realize I've not yet posted a picture of our family! I'm not exactly chasing after toddlers any more.. as the "stay-at-home" part might lead you to believe... The kids are now 21, 18 and almost 17. My oldest is travelling around Europe this semester with his college (Univ of Wisconsin), my middle one is a Senior in High School & on his way to the Univ of Minnesota in the Fall on a Marine NROTC scholarship, and my daughter is almost 17 & a Junior at a Magnet High School, thinking of becoming an Engineer or an Architect. With this soon to be "empty nest" I'm enjoying all the projects and working with my husband every day, while the kids are busy young adults.
Our small business is on the same property as our home, and that's why Ted (at the local weld shop)
called me "The Stay At Home Welder".

Karine, Elaine, Ford, Jakob & Matthew

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