Saturday, February 11, 2012

...leaving Louisville

After many months of hard labor heating, hammering, bending, twisting, welding, grinding & finishing- we've recently finished the final component of a large railing commission in Louisville.

The master railing commission started like most, with hand-sketched designs; my husband Matthew focused on the cascading steps and I scribbled out ideas for the center balcony until we were satisfied and combined both drawings. It really turned out well, and I have to say that it is one of my new favorite designs to date.

It's accents include door pulls and intertwined latch that we also designed and installed. The exterior door pulls give a hint to the visitor when they come up the front walk, a glimpse of what they might see once they open the door.

This home also has a short railing on the back staircase which is much more clean, simple and contemporary. 

The lock set (at top) was commissioned from
 Artist/Blacksmith Marsha Nelson.
Upon leaving a home after an installation, I am often overcome with emotions similar to when I've sent one of my kids off to camp. Sometimes I pat the railing and say a little "goodbye", (which is not unlike the feelings I've experienced after having installed large canvas paintings in an art gallery). A little piece of our lives feels as if it's being left behind. With lock and latch installed and working... the "KaCHUNK!" noise the latch made when the homeowner shut the front door was the perfect, "I'll be fine," response.


  1. Absolutely stunning work! You guys are amazing!

  2. I enjoy your writing and your ironwork!