Saturday, April 7, 2012


I'm taking advantage of a holiday, and cleaning out this old garden shed this weekend, and getting ready for a bulldozer that's supposed to be arriving tomorrow (yes, Easter Sunday!). The shed is scheduled for demolition, soon. Matthew's in the shop preparing for a busy week. I'm sure the bulldozer won't be tearing up any dirt on Easter, but we've plenty of room to park it for awhile. Next week I'll be plenty busy in the shop with the boys... so today's the day, shed! You and ME  (well, you & me and my trusty station wagon).

In the meantime, my tired arms resting on my desk during a coffee break, I stumbled upon this conversation on a new facebook friend's timeline where he was seeking advice about twitter from another friend who was an expert in this area. I thought, "Yeah - we could all use some advice on twitter from an expert friend, right? I think I'll read this through,".  I mean, we never quit learning, and I never know where good advice will come from. So I always keep an eye out there for advice, & then I take it or leave it.
((( & if you think I was stalling, you may be right!)))

 BOY, was I surprised to see a positive mention in regards to Maynard Studios! It was kinda nice to see a compliment, especially when my body is just kinda tired from hauling old wood flooring & cinder blocks, marketing, advertising, sweeping floors, books, cash flow, payroll and taxes.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, ya'all. And I'll keep checking in whenever my arms get tired, or when I've got to check a pie in the oven.

OK, I caved under pressure from friends and opened up a Twitter account.

When does it start being fun?!

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