Monday, April 9, 2012

You have a dozer in your back yard, Dear.

The shed is cleaned out, the garden is now 'gone' & the fence around it was torn down. Productive Easter weekend!

Justin showed up with the "dozer" today, and is going to start in the back yard with an old chicken coop (who really needs a chicken coop as large as this shed, anyway, if they're NOT supplying a grocery store?) and there's other landscaping to do back there, too. The kids (Jakob 21, Ford 18 & Elaine 17) tore down the walls of the chicken coop last summer, so we're ready when Justin is, to GET DIGGING! He said he can get the old fences torn out with the dozer, so all I have left to do by hand is to move some small bushes & relocated a birdhouse. Then my garden will get going in it's newly re-located spot on the back hill. Next year.

We're planning to take down the shed  LAST, so hopefully I have some time to re-claim some of the wood. Removing nails takes most of the time, actually - But I would love to be able to incorporate pieces of the old shed into something new and keep it around this old place.

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