Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'd prefer to be BEHIND the camera

A few days ago, I was interviewed at the Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show, as one of the artists participating in the "Architectural Artists" booth, put together by the Kentucky Arts Council. (Our Arts Council does a magnificent job advocating for us!) Of the 30+ artists in the Architectural Artist Directory, about 12 had brought work to display the Home & Garden Show. Matthew (Matt) and I had brought a banner showing pictures of our railings, Gallery cards for people to take home, an album of our work, a small sample railing section and two of tables... both of which help display the other items.

 I had originally agreed to do the interview, thinking I'd just throw Matt in front of the camera (he's better at things like this). I knew the interview was to be a short section of a 30 minute show that a local TV channel was putting together...  but my clever plan was derailed when Matt couldn't break free of the shop. Oh no! Maybe I could do this, right? I knew what to say. The Architectural Artists had one large booth in an excellent location, in the Atrium of the Lexington Convention Center. I know all the artists. KAC has a fantastic website.  Beautiful brochure you could pick up if you came down to the show... what else is there to say?

Shouldn't be too hard, right? But then the cameras were on & I was only glad that I apologized in advance to the guy who had to do the editing! It was much harder then I expected! It's a beautiful photo of ours they chose for the cover of the new brochure, and from a home right in Lexington. And apparently I wasn't too bad since I understand the show is indeed still on the air.

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