Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Join our "Maynard Studios" Mailing List to get email notifications when Matt & I are planning our annual ~one day a year~ Open Studio and maybe even one or two quarterly special projects.  Easy to sign up & easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind. Click here!

AND Thank you! I'm really excited about our big railing projects coming up this year and I'm sure you'll love 'em. Our Open Studio in November is going to FUN & we're planning more surprises for the kids. Other ways to keep in touch & see things first (pick one or many! We all  have favorites):

By the way, in the meantime... If you're looking for a way to manage YOUR email notifications to friends & clients (for email newsletters, special events, etc) I'd recommend MailChimp. I like using Mailchimp so much that I think it’s worth sharing. I like to keep em short and quarterly to not let anyone feel "spammed". A great benefit, is the people getting the notifications can unsubscribe any time they want, so you can feel at ease knowing who gets the announcements really wants them, or at least doesn't mind.

See you soon on social media! And always feel free to spur me along & ask me questions about blacksmiths or blacksmithing, design, metal railings, fixing rusty things, historical metalwork, working with artists or any other metal-minded questions you come across in your day. That just makes it all the more fun!


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