Monday, June 24, 2013

Garden Dialogues

The event last weekend was a lot of fun. Maybe too much to be the four letter word "work". But this day, WORK was a garden tour put on by the Cultural Landscape Foundation, of a private garden in Louisville that Matthew and I have been fortunate enough to have been working on pieces for over a year.

The first of our commissions at this beautiful estate was lovingly titled 'The Sun Rail' by our client and their Landscape designer, J.P. Shadley of Boston Massachusetts. (The entire grounds  are featured on the Shadley Associates website here: 

J.P. Shadley talks about the Sun Rail & working with Maynard Studios. 

J.P. explained how he worked with artists to achieve his vision for the place, and had story boards of the different processes & different artists. It was a pleasure too, to meet some of the other artists with work on the site. 

Story board for the Reflection Bench project with artist Don Lawler.
And we weren't the only blacksmiths they've had install work on the site. Artist Blacksmith Craig Kaviar is also from Louisville and has completed quite an extensive 'Vine Railing' just below our 'Sun Railing' in the courtyard. J.P. also designed the railing for Craig to make, as he did for us to create the 'Sun Rail'.

Sketches and plans by J.P. Shadley for  the 'Vine Rail' executed by Craig Kaviar. 
It's not every day that we have our work examined and then are given something pre-designed for us to build. Often we are left to design our railings and pieces by ourselves, sometimes working through several sketches to find the perfect fit with the client. In this case, our goal "to complete our clients' vision", is the same as we strive to do with each commission.

In the photo below, you can see where J.P. chose elements from previous work we had done (3 vignettes on the left), and chose things he wanted to see in his client's railing (sketches at top). At the bottom are some process photos he chose to use on his story board about us.

Sketches and plans by J.P. Shadley for the 'Sun Rail', brought to life by Maynard Studios.
In completion, it was a very rewarding commission, both for being a part of the Architect's vision and also having the opportunity to examine our own work from an outside perspective.  It was a challenge that, as an artist, you are not always presented with and we were glad to be a part of it... and it was fun!  And really, shouldn't everything be at some point?


More info:

From the Culural Landscape Foundations website:
More pics (by Matthew & Karine on the making of the Sun Rail) here:

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