Monday, December 19, 2011

< $$ ..... > fresh air !

Even though the advice from the 3M  rep was to try the 6000 series half mask with 6100 filters AND an organic vapor/acid gas cartridge, I was not sure the unit with filters only would even fit under my helmet and/or clear shield mask. You can see what the P100 filters ALONE would look like:

                                             3M 6000 series half mask with P100 filters

And if you're already thinking "I'm not sure that would fit under my welding helmet,"
You can see why I was thinking her recommendation seemed a bit.. umh... "crowded under the hood":

3M 5000 series half mask with vapor/acid gas cartridge AND P100 filter

So Matthew got on-line and did some searching, and we called a few local welding supply places. We asked their recommendations for welding aluminum and stainless steel, and found a solution with what we felt would "get us by" until the can find another resolution to our problem. We ordered a box of 10, but it does look there are a few places on-line that you can purchase them individually. They cost about $7-$9 each, depending where you find them. 

                                                    3M 8214 Particulate Welding Respirator

At first they seemed a bit awkward. You have to left the straps over your head and pretty much leave it one once your "suited up" (there's no easy on/off release clasps) but the first time you take it off and smell the contaminated air, you'll realize how good it works! I'm impressed. And if you're worried about your glasses and helmet fogging up, the adjustable nose-clip pretty much took care of that, and the handy front respirator (anti-caking) worked great to keep the fog away too. I was quite impressed with this low-cost helper and it has a waaaay better performance than disposables I've used in the past. 


  1. I've been impressed with the results so far. The air you breathe through the mask is just... well... air! No funky smells, no taste in the mouth due to grinding dust and the welding fumes are not an issue at all. No more holding your breath while welding. Nice.

    It's cool now so it's not really uncomfortable. Summer could be different story, so don't give up on the hoods! But for now it's a big plus over no mask

  2. Ugh... summer.... You're right. I'll keep working on it!

  3. When working in a construction environment, which is prone to accidents and health risk, it is extremely important to wear proper safety gear. These should include dusk mask or respirator, safety gloves and goggles, etc. For a welder, for instance, he needs to wear a respirator, so that he does not breathe in radioactive gases that are dangerous to health.

    Darren Gatti

    1. Darren, what product would you recommend for under a welding helmet? Do you have any with forced air & filters that would pump fresh air into a hood?