Monday, January 16, 2012

Are the holidays over, yet?

The last month has been busy in the shop AND in the house. Had extra hands around with the kids home, and we've even  got some part-time help in the studio now, thank you to Benjamin Scott Beckett! (Matt and Ben are wrestling in the last piece to a new railing last week, in this pic -----> ).

Christmas break has come and gone, and my last kid home is heading back to college on a midnight Greyhound (((tonight))). My first thought about my blog this month, started when I heard him put in his laundry and start packing his bags for his upcoming adventure, 5 months studying in Europe.
(Don't you  wish WE were going to Europe???)

For this stay at home welder, (me) this empty house will mean "More time to work!" and hopefully I can find more, what I like to call, "amazing free time" to get all those ideas onto paper and put into action.

Happy belated New Year ya'all & Okay, Okay.... Time for me to get back to work!

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